Capital Projects 2016

Capital Projects

All of the MD

  • Boat Launch Improvements; To register the boat launches with the Province and perform any upgrades or general maintenance.
  • Equipment Deficiencies
  • Fleet - Vehicle and Equipment Leases
  • Fleet - Vehicle and Equipment Purchases; Replacing and upgrading fleet equipment and vehicles. Purchasing additional vehicles, equipment and attachments
  • Great Plains Financial Report Upgrade; An upgrade to the MD's accounting and financial reporting system
  • Hardware Infrastructure; The purchase and installation of various hardware units (computers, printers, new cables, monitors etc)
  • Lot Development - 2016; To cover the cost of any land development issues that may arise including but not limited to surveys, appraisals, land purchases, and service extensions
  • Network Security and Audit Implementation 
  • Purchase Order-Purchase Requisition System Enhancement; A system module to be added to the Great Plains Application System
  • Server Upgrade and Maintenance; The purchase of new server hardware units
  • Surge Protection 
  • Water Relay Equipment

​Calling Lake

  • Arena Covered Zamboni Dump; To construct a 40 x 60 addition to the CL Arena to house the zamboni with indoor snow melt dump pit and the community bus.
  • Arena Upgrade
  • Beautification
  • Bio-Max Building - Lift Station
  • Build 4 Bathrooms; Build 4 fully serviced washrooms for 4 day use park areas in CL. Will be powered, plumbed and heated. Will also have storage area for cleaning supplies.
  • Day Use Area Docks
  • Fire Department Disaster Generator; Retrofit of electrical system and installation of backup generator power to the CL Fire Hall.
  • IT Communication Tower
  •  Multi-use Shop 
  • Natural Gas Conversion for Zamboni; Install natural gas access in Arena Covered Zamboni Dump to fuel the zamboni, conversion has been completed.
  • Playground Poured in Place; To replace the playground sand in all CL playgrounds with a safe, durable product
  • Sewage Lagoon; This year tree clearing and road construction will be started.
  • Sidewalk/Walking Trail; Prepare safe, user friendly trails for multi-use and maintain throughout the forest and community. Develop walking trails within the community for safe use.
  • Skate Park Expansion; An additional skate park to be built this year.
  • Tender Pumper Apparatus; Replace the current water tender/pumper at the CL Fire Department for one in similar scope as the Wabasca Fire Department's.
  • Treadmills
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrade; Upgrade to improve flow rates.
  • Wellsite Pit; To Renew the gravel pit lease at the Wellsite Location.

​Peerless Lake

  • Rink Upgrades; To repair existing ring
  • Outreach Replacement Furniture; To replace the furniture at the Outreach (couches, pool tables, ping pong table, tables, chairs etc)
  • Skateboard Park; To build a skateboard park of similar size to Sandy Lake's.

Red Earth Creek

  • Back Lakes Arena Landscaping; Clean up area behind Arena and remove debris.
  • Cemetery - Fencing, Site Prep and Cenotaph; To install fencing aground the graveyard, do some landscaping and to order a Cenotaph
  • Expand Landfill Cell; Construct a new landfill cell
  • Fire Hall Expansion; Construct a two-bay, free standing, secondary building next to the existing Fire Hall to expand capacity. 
  • Industrial Drive North (Rebuild)
  • Outreach Replacement Furniture; Replace furniture at the Outreach Centre (couches, air hockey table, ping pong table, tables, chairs etc)
  • Road Surface Improvement; To use R20 Oil mix will result in a pavement like surface, eliminating dust control and creating a long lasting, low maintenance road surface.
  • Tender Pumper Apparatus; Purchase a water tender/pumper for the REC Fire Department of the same scope as the Wabasca tender/pumper
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrade; Upgrade existing water treatment plant to microfiltration

Sandy Lake

  • Campground; Construct a washroom with running water, purchase and install picnic tables and replace the playground at the SL campground
  • Community Hall Park; Beautification with sod.
  • Fire Department Disaster Generator; Retrofit of electrical system and installation of backup generator power to the SL Fire Hall.
  • Fire Rescue Truck; Purchase a fast attack style truck for the SL Fire Department, similar to Wabasca's and REC's.
  • Hall Sound System; Purchase a sound system to facilitate programming and community events.
  • New Playground - Wolf Trail; Purchase and construct a new playground on Wolf Trail
  • Sewage Dump Station; Complete the work started in 2015 to repair a badly eroded lagoon berm.
  • Skate Park Facilities; Construct a shelter at the Skate Park, and purchase and install 2 benches.
  • Outreach Air Conditioning; Purchase an air condition unit for the Outreach.
  • Outreach Gazebo; Purchase a gazebo for programming at the Outreach.
  • Tender Pumper Apparatus; Purchase of a water tender/pumper for use by SL Fire Department of the same scope as Wabasca's Fire Department.
  • Water and Sewer North End Phase; Install water and sewer north of the current installation.
  • Water and Sewer South End Phase; Install water and sewer south of the current installation. 
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Microfiltration; Upgrade SL water treatment plant so that it is able to be used.

Trout Lake

  • Outreach Building Extension; To build an extension to the existing building to facilitate more activities.
  • Outreach Replacement Furniture; Replace furniture at the Outreach (pool tables, couches, ping pong tables, computers, tables, chairs etc)


  • Arena Improvements; Remove arena boards and install new dasher board system at the Marion Wolitski Arena.
  • David Starr Lift Station Pump Upgrade
  • Downtown East Storm Pond; Detailed design of the storm pond to be done this year.
  • Downtown East Storm Pond Expropriation; To complete the expropriation of the property for use of a storm water pond.
  • Facility Renovations; Renovations to the pool and Lakeview sports centre.
  • Hydrants / Blow Offs; To install hydrant blow-offs in some areas where the waterlines are not looped and proper flushing of the lines is not achievable.
  • Lions Club Campground; To acquire the campground lease, potentially acquire the land, survey the campground, and enter into a sublease agreement with the Lions Club Wabasca Branch.
  • Long Term Health Care Facility; Design and construct a long-term health care facility for MD residents in order to obtain all levels of supportive living (1 through 4) and to accommodate facility living in the community.
  • Main Lift Station; To complete pump and piping upgrades to the existing main lift station. Flow metering, new controls, and motor control centre are part of the work scope.
  • Mud Bog Lease; To satisfy the demand for more recreational opportunities for ATVs and motorized vehicles around Wabasca.
  • Opportunity Daycare - Parking Lot Paving
  • Opportunity Daycare - 2012
  • Opportunity Lift Station
  • Rodeo Cultural Grounds; Finish graveling parking lot, build fencing around track and rodeo ring, and build an arbour and indoor riding ring with stalls for live-stock