Fire & Rescue

Fire and Rescue

The MD and surrounding communities are served by volunteer departments.

Call 911 if you have an emergency situation requiring firefighter intervention


  • Do you have a working Fire Extinguisher? 

  • Have you had your heating serviced in the last year by a qualified service person? 

  • Clean your smoke detectors once per year when you change your battery for trouble free protection.


                                                                            Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17   Fire Departments

Fire Dept. Name

Fire Chief

Fire Chief Phone

Fire Hall Address

Fire Hall Phone

Fire Hall Fax

Wabasca Fire Department

Lee Bissel



2135 Airport Road

Box 60, Wabasca AB

T0G 2K0



Sandy Lake Fire Department

Richard Wiebe

(c) 780-891-8283


900 Raven Road

Box 1350

Wabasca, AB T0G 2K0



Calling Lake Fire Brigade

Barry Schmidt

(c) 780-891-8185

(h) 780-331-3936

Calling Lake Drive

Box 188 Calling Lake, AB

T0G 0K0



Red Earth Creek Fire Department

Shawn Jadot

(c) 780-649-4323


220 Red Earth Drive

Box 41 Red Earth Drive

T0G 1X0





Wabaca Fire Dept.

Calling Lake


Calling Lake Fire Brigade

Red Earth Creek


Red Earth Creek Fire Dept.

Sandy Lake