Land for Sale

Residential Land Sales

The M.D. has residential properties for sale in Red Earth Creek and Sandy Lake. Below you will find a downloadable advertisement with information on each property. Also available are downloadable maps, showing the location of each property.

Available Residential Property List (68KB)

Map of Red Earth Creek (6.24 mb)
Map of Sandy Lake (6.33 mb)

For any questions, please contact our Lands Administrator, Lisa Belanger at the main Administrative Office in Wabasca

Lisa Belanger - 780-891-3778 ext. 135

Commercial and Industrial Land Sales

The M.D. has one commercial property in Calling Lake, one airport industrial property and a few properties in Wabasca's downtown ready for sale. Please find below the downloadable advertisement and maps showing the locations.

Available Commercial and Industrial Properties (54KB)

Map of Calling Lake (2.70 MB)
Map of Wabasca (Industrial Subdivision) (3.70 MB)
Map of Downtown Wabasca (3.64 MB)

For other commercial land sales, please call or drop by the Main Administration Office in Wabasca (780) 891-3778 or 1-888-891-3778 for more information.

Raw Land Sales

Occasionally the MD will sell 'Raw Land', which is the designation given to vacant land which is un-subdivided. These sales must be approved by Council, and the purchaser is responsible for subdividing out the property, providing access and services, and developing the property. More information about Raw Land sales can be found in the L.1 Land Sale Policy.

To apply, please fill out and submit the Raw Land Application Form along with the Application fee and supporting documents to the Lands Administrator, Lisa Belanger, at the main Administrative office in Wabasca. The application fee is nonrefundable, regardless if the request to purchase is approved or denied.


Please review our Land Sale Policies:

Policy L.1:  M.D. of Opportunity Land Development & Sale Policy (Last amended October 11, 2017)
Policy L.6: Leasing of Land (Last amended April 26, 2017)