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Municipal Development Plan (MDP’s) identify future development patterns with municipal boundaries, and facilitate local planning and economic growth. These plans provide citizens and businesses information on how the municipality will address the current and future needs of the community, including land use, transportation systems, municipal services, and environmental considerations.


Subdivision Control – MGA Section 652 – 670

Ordinarily, a person wishing to create one or more lots from a parcel of land must obtain subdivision approval from the municipal subdivision authority and conditions may be attached to subdivision approval. 

Development Authority – MGA Section 624

The MGA requires all municipalities to establish a development authority to exercise powers and duties on behalf of the municipality.  The development authority is responsible for receiving, processing, and deciding on development permit applications.



Subdivision and Development2020-12Municipal Development Plan Bylaw
Subdivision and Development1995-11Amend Improvement District Order 26-93 Bylaw
Subdivision and Development1995-09Development Authority Bylaw
Subdivision and Development1995-08Subdivision Process Fees Bylaw
Subdivision and Development1995-07Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw
Subdivision and Development2015-17Designate Plan 832 1796, Lot 11A     to Environmental Reserve Bylaw