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Parks & Playgrounds


David Starr Park

David Starr Park includes a playground and outdoor rink. This is a nice place for family gatherings. The park is located on David Starr Road off of Lakeview Drive. 

George Stoll Recreation Grounds

George Stoll Recreation Grounds had a humble beginning. What started out as a small recreation center and basketball courts for local youth is now the community playground for people of all ages. Originally known as Mamawintowin Recreation Grounds, it was renamed after George Stoll in 2013. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, this space offers a skate park, three ball diamonds, a batting cage, two basketball courts and an outdoor rink, and a fenced-in playground, all for the public to enjoy.

To rent the outdoor parks ball diamonds for a tournament please click here : Outdoor Rental Policy

Sam G’s Park

Named after Samual George Auger, better known as “Sam G”, this park is centrally located at the four-way intersection. It is typical to see locals spending time here on the blue bridge fishing with family or relaxing with friends. Sam G was at most community events either participating or volunteering. Sam enjoyed dancing, cultural activities and sports. Around 1994, Sam G started to clean up the “old bridge area” and continued to do it for many years. Sam was usually up with the birds and wherever he was going would pick up cans along the road. He not only maintained his yard, but also beyond his fence and along the road leading to his home. Cleaning the bridge became one of his rituals, along with lending a hand wherever it was needed. This park is therefore named “Sam G’s Park”, in honor of a man who has shown commitment in keeping his community clean! The Municipal District of Opportunity No.17 was proud to have Sam G in the community of Wabasca – Desmarais. In loving Memory of Sam G Auger 1926-2003. 

Eli Cardinal Park & Boat Launch

There are many reasons to stop and indulge in the moment at the Eli Cardinal Park. It offers easy boat access to the North Wabasca Lake with two concrete boat ramps. Here visitors and residents alike can spend their days searching for the perfect cast out on the water or simply from the fishing dock trying to catch one of the lake’s many northern pike or walleye. Cool off during the hot summer by tubing on the open water or swimming from the designated dock area. The lake is a wonderful place to enjoy in winter, as well, with popular activities being ice fishing and touring the vast wildlife and scenery by ski-do or cross-country skiing.

Strawberry Lane Playground

Located on Strawberry Lane (at the back of the “berry patch”), this neighborhood park has a picnic table, playground and a nice grassy area for outdoor games.

Lloyd C. Yellowknee Memorial Park  

The perfect photo opportunity can be found in and around the Lloyd. C. Memorial Park. Known by locals as the Pump House, this park is located near St. Theresa School. Overlooking the shores of North Wabasca Lake, this park offers a serene atmosphere with benches, picnic tables, and a fishing dock, making this the perfect spot for a family gathering, sunset viewing or a new fishing adventure!  

Cardinal Point Playground

Completed in 2011, this playground is made up of man-made rocks, perfect for little hands and feet to climb on. The play area is filled with sand for safety and has seating for adults. 

Tennis Courts

Two tennis courts are perfect for those beautiful summer days. It is located directly behind the WWW&FC where you can sign out rental equipment. 

Calling Lake

Calling Lake Municipal Campground

The Calling Lake Municipal Campground was just transferred over to the MD of Opportunity No. 17 in 2021. It is located 55km north of Athabasca, 186km north of Edmonton. It is a boreal forest reserve located 55km north of Athabasca on highway 813, on the southern shore of Calling Lake. The marshy shores of the lake provides nesting grounds for waterfowl and habitat for American white pelicans and great blue herons. Activities in the park include bird watching, camping, canoeing, swimming, other beach and water related sports and fishing for longnose sucker, northern pike, shiner, cisco, walleye and yellow perch. For reservations please visit : 

Baseball Diamonds and Playground

The baseball diamonds are open for anyone to practice ball, set up a scrimmage game, or just go watch friends play. The diamonds and play area are completely fenced in for children’s safety.

Ben Auger Memorial Park

A great area for fishing, this space includes a boat launch, dock, and park area with picnic tables. It is located towards the north end of Calling Lake Drive.

Calling River Area

The last vehicle road access to the Athabasca River until Fort McMurray, the mouth of the Calling River includes a launch for small boats, an old telegraph office, and the Calling River Metis Cemetery. Also nearby is the Looking Glass View Point that rewards visitors with a spectacular view of the area. Looking Glass is named after its Cree name, Wapimonis, to describe how the water resembles a mirror on a calm day. Although it is remote, this area is enjoyed in numerous ways by hunters, seniors, campers, families and youth. The river itself is an excellent paddling trail for beginners or experts.

Cultural Grounds

Simply known by locals as the Cultural Grounds, this grassy lakeside area is commonly utilized for traditional ceremonies and even local weddings. It is a highly respected area located on the shore of Calling Lake, making it a great place to take in beautiful views and lakeside breezes. This area is designated for day-use only. It’s been said that the area was once inhabited by the Stone Boat people who made their homes in the cliffs by the water.

Anchor Jeremy Nipshank Memorial Park

Just north of the Calling River off of Pine St., this is a park on the beach which includes a fire pit and playground. It is a lovely place to swim, play, and have a picnic. There is a trail located beside the facility which leads to a bridge—a great place for casting!

Public Beach

The public beach is a very beautiful sand-filled beach, making it the perfect spot to spend all day swimming and relaxing. It is also surrounded by hiking trails that parallel the lake.

Skate Park

Completed in 2010, the Skate Park is located across from the JayBird Memorial Arena. It is populated by all the local youth who love to skate, in-line skate, or bike. Behind the cement area is a park with a great playground with fun equipment.

South Beach

Accessible by Poplar Street or Pine Drive, this sandy beach is the largest beach on Calling Lake, ideal for a family picnic, swimming, building sand castles, and relaxing. The beach extends all the way to the Provincial Park boat launch, making for a great stroll along the water.

Sandy Lake

A playground and day use area is located on Eagle drive. A playground and sand volleyball court are situated next to the Community Outreach Center.

Sandy Lake Skate Park
This skate park is located across from the Community Outreach Center.

Red Earth Creek

Splash Park 
Located behind the Backlakes Arena, this splash park is a perfect place to gather with friends and family on a hot summer day. Also located next to the walking path. 

Ball Diamond
Located next to the Community Hall, this baseball diamond is a perfect place to gather with friends for a pickup game or practice home run derby.

Walking Path
The Walking Path is a 1 km long loop starting on either side of the Back Lakes Recreation facility. Exercise equipment is located along the path.

Trout Lake

Outdoor recreation facilities in Trout Lake include an outdoor rink with basketball hoops, two ball diamonds, and a playground.

Peerless Lake

Outdoor recreation facilities in Peerless Lake include an outdoor rink with basketball hoops, a ball diamond and fenced-in playground.

A day-use area with a great view of the lake has plenty of shady trees for an afternoon bbq. It is located off the main intersection when entering the community.

Tanasiuk Recreation Area

Tanasiuk Recreation Area and Campground is a municipal park located on HWY 813 approximately 30k north of Calling Lake. It offers 51 unserviced sites with firewood for sale during the summer months, boat launch with small dock, and walking trail. $15/night. 780-331-3860 or for online reservations please visit: 

Otter-Orloff Lakes Wildland Park

This undisturbed park area located northwest of Calling Lake includes wetlands and forests supporting a variety of wildlife. Lakes contain fish that help create an important habitat for beaver, muskrat & waterfowl. A great blue heron colony resides at Orloff Lake. Younger forests in the park contain white spruce & aspen. Mature forests contain birch & balsam poplar. White spruce & balsam fir dominate old growth stands. In wet areas black spruce & larch are evident.