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Tanasiuk (Rock Island Lake Campground)

Tanasiuk is located on HWY 813 approximately 35k north of Calling Lake. 

It offers 51 unserviced wooded sites, a boat launch, a walking trail, and firewood for sale during summer months. $15/night per site. No change given.
First come first serve (no reservations available), no potable water. Campers may pre-order wood at $5 for 10 pieces by following directions at the registration box. Deliveries usually occur in the evening but it's best to bring some with you to get you through your first night.
CONTACT: 1-855-953-3358.

The case for keeping Rock Island Lake to ourselves:
Best kept secret of a camping spot surrounded by lakes

ATHABASCA, AB. - What is it about camping that we love so much? Is it getting closer to nature? Is it part of our natural instincts hearkening back to tribal times when our ancestors roasted meat on a stick? Maybe it’s because for a couple of days we can get really dirty and that’s OK.