Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary planning policy document for the MD of Opportunity No. 17. The MDP was adopted in 2003 by Council to provide a cohesive framework to guide local decision making that is necessary to achieve the MD of Opportunity No. 17’s long-term vision. The MDP guides future land use, infrastructure, environmental, social and economic policy decisions in a manner that reflects the municipality’s vision. It outlines the anticipated form and character of neighbourhoods and more generally the entire Municipality. Furthermore, the MDP informs residents, developers, and investors with respect to what type of development is desired and identifies the preferred locations. The MDP provides a foundation for the preparation of more detailed land use plans; is intended to be used in conjunction with the Municipality’s Land Use Bylaw to implement the policies of this Plan; and to inform residents and developers of the Municipality’s future land use strategy.  

Municipal Development Plan - Amended 2020