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Utility User Fees


1. Commercial - 220 gal (1 Cubic metre)-$0.90/m3

2. Residential service lines up to 1 inch (25mm)- $28.00/month

Trucked Water Delivery - Once a Week:

1. Up to 220 gallons (1 cubic metre)-$20.00/month

2. From 221 to 1100 gallons (5 cubic metres)-$30.00/month

3. From 1101 to 2200 gallons-$35.00/month

4. Commercial water delivery-Market Value

Pin Lock Systems/ Truck fill:

1. Refundable Deposit determined by credit application.

2. Consumption: $0.01/gallon

i. Hamlet Residential with approved rebate: $0.02/gallon

ii. Hamlet Commercial with approved rebate: $0.02/gallon

  iii. All other users $0.04/gallon

Community Water Points:

Coin loading (approximately 100 gal/coin): $0.25

Self-Contained Citizens Housing:

Per occupied unit: $12.00/month

Non-Hamlet Trucked Water Delivery:

(Within 20km Radius of Hamlet)

1. Up to 220 gallons (1 cubic metre):$30.00/month

2. From 221to1100 gallons (5 cubic metres): $46.00/month

3. From 1101 to 2200 gallons: $52.50/month

Waste Water Service  

Service Installation Fees from main to property Line-At Developer’s Cost

Connection Fees

If connecting to water & sewer: Fee is included in water connection

If connecting to sewer service only: $100.00

Sewer Fees

  • Surcharge on water rates - piped water: 20%
  • Surcharge - trucked water delivery: 20%
  • All other charges or water & sewer service: 40%
  • If only connected to service line: $17/month
  • Residential service: $15/pickup
  • Non-hamlet residential service (20k radius): $25/month
  • Commercial service per pickup: Current Market value

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans

The M.D. offers pre-authorized payment plans for its residents. 

We accept applications for pre-authorized tax and pre-authorized utility payments.
The payment transactions occur on the 15th of each month. 

We currently have 58 taxation customers and 90 Utility customers on this plan.

If you wish to enroll in our payment plan, please contact:

Tax Payment Plan – Crystal Shaw, Taxation & Assessment Manager at
(780) 891-4137; or Email

Utility Payment Plan – Hillary Cardinal, Utilities Analyst at
(780) 891-4276; or Email